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How do I book a picnic with you?

Please refer to the How It Works page and book your picnic here.

When should I book my picnic?

ASAP! To guarantee the best experience possible, please make your booking as soon as you finalize your date. For special requests, please aim to book at least one month in advance so we can best accommodate your needs.

How long is the picnic? Can I book for an extended time?

All picnics are 2 hours in duration. Each additional hour is $50 extra.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Can I cancel or reschedule?

Weather can be a bit tricky to predict at times and life happens! For weather-related rescheduling, please refer to “What if it rains?” section below. For non-weather related scheduling issues whether you are looking to cancel or reschedule, please notify Jas at least one week in advance. Complete refund policies can be found below and on the Terms and Conditions page.

Can I request for a full refund if I need to cancel?

Full refunds are available if your picnic is cancelled at least one week prior to your picnic date. If cancelling within the week, a 50% non-refundable service fee will incur. E.g. if your booking is on Friday, March 25th at 3:00PM, please cancel before Friday, March 18th at 3:00PM to receive the full refund. No refunds shall be offered if cancelling on the day of your scheduled picnic.

What if it rains?

Vancouver isn’t known as Raincouver for no reason. That said, outdoor picnics are hosted from late spring to early fall to ensure the best weather possible. In the event that it rains on your picnic date and you do not have any food or photography add-on orders, you have the option of rescheduling to a later date at no additional cost. If, however, you have ordered charcuterie, afternoon tea, or photo shoot services, please give notice of rescheduling at least three days in advance. Alternatively, if you have a spacious living room at home, we can most certainly move your picnic indoors as well.

Payment Options & Fees

What forms of payment do you accept?

Picnic Thyme Co. currently accepts Interac e-Transfer and PayPal.

What is the damage deposit for and why do I need to pay it?

A damage deposit is a refundable fee and its value depends on your choice of package/add-ons. During your picnic, you are responsible for all picnic items and decorations. In the case damage, loss, or theft, your damage deposit then becomes non-refundable. If the damage or loss supersedes the deposit, you will also be charged with the full retail cost of said item(s).


Where will my picnic be hosted?

Picnic Thyme Co. currently services customers in the following municipalities within Metro Vancouver: City of Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, and New Westminster. (Please note that travel fees apply for locations outside of the City of Vancouver.) Whether you are looking to have a picnic at the beach or at a neighborhood park, you got it! Don’t know any good picnic spots? Jas can make some recommendations!

Can you come to my house?

Yes, of course! If you have a spacious backyard or living room space, we can most certainly set up in the comfort of your own home.

Food & Drinks

Can I bring my own food?

You bet! The Minimalist is the perfect package for you to bring your own snacks and drinks.

Do you serve alcoholic drinks?

Please note that the laws in B.C. prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public spaces (unless licensed or designated by a municipality/regional district). For this reason, Picnic Thyme Co. will not be offering alcoholic beverages.

Do you accommodate special dietary requests?

Vegan? Gluten-free? No problem! Our food vendors can most certainly accommodate!

What if we can’t finish the food?

If you would like to pack any leftovers to go, you are more than welcome to! Take out containers will be provided upon cleanup.

Custom Picnic

Can I request items that aren’t listed in your add-ons?

Of course! For any special requests, please inquire at least one month in advance.

Do you offer any other packages?

Don’t see a package that fits your needs? No worries! Shoot Jas an email with your ideas. Be sure to inquire at least one month in advance to ensure meeting your requests as best as possible.


So I really don’t need to do anything?

That’s right! Just show up and have fun. Plain and simple! 😉

COVID-19 Protocols

How are you keeping guests safe during the pandemic?

Picnic Thyme Co. closely follows COVID-19 guidelines and regulations proposed by the government of BC. Please be ensured that all picnic items are thoroughly cleaned + sanitized both before and after each picnic.

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