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How It Works

just show up

It's Hassle-Free

The concept behind Picnic Thyme Co. is for you to do as little work as possible because let’s face it… Not everyone has the time nor energy to not only throw together an extravagant picnic spread, but to also gather all the table settings and décor needed.

What’s great about hiring a picnic planning service is it takes the stress away. Simply choose from one of three popular packages and select any additional add-on options you like. Or better yet, build your own customized picnic. All you need to do then is to show up and enjoy!

the three easy steps

How to Book

Follow these three easy steps to book your dream picnic.
Date & Location

First thing’s first, choose your date. To guarantee the best experience possible, please make your booking as soon as you finalize your date. Once that’s set, pick a location. Picnic Thyme Co. currently services customers in the following cities/municipalities within Metro Vancouver: City of Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond. Whether you are looking to have a picnic at the beach, a neighbourhood park, or in your backyard, you got it!

Pick a Package

Choose from one of three popular packages. Or better yet, build your own custom picnic! For custom picnics, please book at least one month in advance to ensure being able to meet your requests.

Select Add-Ons

Missing something? Complete your package with additional snacks, props, or photography services.

Popular Packages

Choose from one of three popular packages: The Minimalist, Date for Two, or Afternoon Delight.